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The Awsome place to visit in Winter!

Bagsaid valley is a little plain valley surrounded by hills and villeges of Keolidhar, Rahidhar, Kandha and Raingalu. It is one of green valley of mandi District and is situated on the bank of a small river (Nala) which provides more beautiful views for this valley. A nearby waterfall in jawala Khud is a must to watch if you are visiting this place in raining season. Bagsaid valley is a famous tourism destination in Mandi District of Himachal Pradesh.

District : Mandi
Bagsaid, Thunag ,Jenjehali Road (52 Km distance here to Janjehli) Marked by Dinesh Sharma Janjehali Road Very good valley in jenjhali

In Picture it is a Beautiful View from Bhurni & Rahidhar near to Bagsaid.

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