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shikari devi wildlife Sanctuary

Shikari Devi is located in areas of outer seraj areas such as janjehli in Mandi District,Shikari devi The Shikari Devi temple is devoted to Shikari Devi , the Goddess reverred in the form of stone idol. Hunters in the area once prayed to the goddess for success in their hunt and here perhaps, lies the origin of the name "Shikari Devi". Interestingly, the temple which is said to have been in existence since the time of the Pandavas, has no roof . Temple is situated at the top of the hill and surrounded by thick Oak and Coniferous forests . The altitude is more than 3200 meter . From Janjehli , a picturesque village the distance of temple is 16 km and road passes through Shikari Devi Sanctuary .

It was first notified as a sanctuary in 1962 and re-notified on 27th March 1974. This sanctuary is named after the goddess Shikari Devi, to whom a temple situated within the sanctuary is dedicated. Captivating sunrise and sunset from the temple is soul stirring. You can reach the place from Karsog via Bakrot ( Chindi ) or via Gohar ( Budhakedar ). This is very beautiful place and provides a panoramic view of the surrounding area. One can easily feel sitting on top of the world here. 

The temple of Shikari Devi is located on a hill top in the district of Mandi in Himachal Pradesh, near Janjehli valley at an altitude of 3359 m. Shikari Devi is a manifestation of Goddess Parvati. The temple is very special in a way as it does not have a roof over it. Various religious idols, extremely ancient, are worshipped there. These are carved out of black stone. Quite like many Indian Shakti Peethas, animals are sacrificed at Shikari devi regularly. 

According to legends, the Pandavas while chasing their hunt of a deer had chanced into the sanctum of Shikari Devi.

To reach Shikari Devi, one has to traverse the Kamru Nag / Shikari Devi ranges in Central Himalayas. From Shikari devi top one gets fabulous views of the Simla hills towards the south, while at the north to north-east stands the majestic Dhauladhar mountain ranges with their snow capped peaks. Towards the west by north-west lies the Kangra Vally and Rewalsar ranges


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Sanctuaries Wildlife (~3/6)

With a view to conserve the total range of wildlife available in the state, the Government of Himachal Pradesh has declared 32 areas, covering all the agro-climatic zones in the state and having significant ecological, geomorphological and biodiversity value, as Wildlife Sanctuaries. A Wildlife Sanctuary is established under sections 18-26 of the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972 and admits rights to the extent as allowed by the Collector at the time of settlement in concurrence with Chief Wildlife Warden of the State. Finally notified boundaries of the Wildlife Sanctuaries, like National Parks, can not be altered without resolution of the State Legislature. General public is legally restrained from destroying, exploiting, or removing any wildlife from the sanctuary, or destroying or damaging the habitat of any wild animal, or depriving any wild animal of its habitat in the sanctuary.

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shikari devi wildlife Sanctuary

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Shikari Devi is located in areas of outer seraj areas such as janjehli in Mandi District,Shikari devi The Shikari Devi temple is devoted to...